With four weeks until the start of the 2017-18 season Yeovil Town Football Club are on the look out for a Main Stand sponsor.

The club announced, yesterday, that the three-year Tambourino sponsorship has ended and to get in contact.

It’s a bit of sorry state of affairs isn’t it?

Surely, by the end of the season, you know whether or not one of your flagship sponsors is going to renew or terminate their sponsorship? I mean, it’s a conversation isn’t it? Not to worry, though. Yeovil Town Football Club is the pride of the town. It’s a well-respected, adored, community asset that the people of Yeovil flock to watch every weekend. There will be a waiting list of established companies trying to get an advertising hoarding, getting a stand sponsor will be easy!


The only comparisons between Yeovil Town and Premier League teams is that they play football. Let’s make that clear. But should every football club not aspire to operate in that way? Sponsorship deals are announced well-ahead of season launches, to over-the-top displays of ridiculousness. Yeovil shouldn’t be looking to light up the River Yeo in Green and White for a kit launch. They shouldn’t be launching an Official Concrete Partner either (although, they could do with one for the car park). They should, however, be touting to potential businesses when they know a three-year sponsorship deal is expiring. Equally, businesses should be queueing up to sponsor their local club – perhaps local business have have had their fingers burned before.

The announcement yesterday should have been “Yeovil Town announce new main stand sponsorship” not, “Come and Sponsor us!”

This isn’t the first time the club have been left red-faced regarding sponsorship either. In 2012, days before the season began, the Glovers had a topless team photo in an effort to get a shirt sponsorship. Should alarm bells have been ringing then? Gary Johnson had the idea for the players to have the topless photo which gave the club national exposure. That’s the manager of the football side of the club, coming up with the marketing idea.

I appreciate that, League Two football probably isn’t massively lucrative but there are ideas out there that break the mould. Take Notts County for example.

It could a moot point, and tomorrow we’ll have more news. However, on the face of it, this sort of thing smacks of amateurism and complacency from a club that should be intent on bucking up its ideas.

For a full list of the sponsorship opportunities at Yeovil Town click here.


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