Yeovil Town began their pre-season training yesterday at the wonderfully scenic Jurassic Coast.

The players were, according to the official site’s videos, set the Tyrannosaurus task of running the challenging hills on a gloriously sunny day.

All of the new signings took part in the “gruelling run” which was followed by a pleasant dip in the sea at West Bay.

The players were put through similar paces last pre season so expect to see them running through Ninesprings soon.

The fun with pre-season begins when the players start working with the ball and we get a few more photos of potential signings and trialists.

Eagle-eyed enthusiasts may have spotted the initials GM on the physio’s whiteboard Otis Khan video posted last week on Facebook – get to the bottom of that one.

It’s impossible not to get excited for pre-season. The cautious optimism of, what appear to be, good signings coupled with the thought that: maybe, just maybe, things will change.

On the face of it, very little has changed at Huish Park so far. There is underlying hope, however.

Hope that: Darren Way has learned the lessons of his first full season in charge. Perhaps he’s realised he can’t keep all his eggs in one basket squad-wise. He needs to have the depth to cope with the loss of the likes of Khan and Ryan Hedges, like last year.

Hope that: We finally find a system which gets a striker scoring goals. Whether it’s Francois Zoko, Omar Sowumni or (hopefully) somebody new (new new, not Tom Eaves new) the strikers were starved of service during the second half of the season. Forwards are only as good the service they get and I think it’s fair to say there was little fluidity through the team once Khan and Hedges were missing.

Hope that: Our midfield trio (if Darren sticks with 4-3-3) is a dynamic, versatile combination that knows when to sit and when to squeeze. The arrivals of Connor Smith and Jake Gray has, presumably, filled two of the three (starting) holes in midfield.

Hope that: The club catches up with fan expectations of customer service. Hot food, stocked tea bars and flowing beer taps are must-haves if you want the commercial side of the club to be successful. Fans have been banging their head against a brick wall for so long now that they’ve given up caring, and thus, spending.

Hope that: The board comes to their senses. They see the dwindling crowds for what they are – fans clamouring for change.

Hope that: The season is not a repeat of the last. The worst thing that can happen is that Yeovil start strong and are in a great position come Christmas and the wheels come off again.

Hope that: Three stars don’t back to bite us.

Hope that: People want to come to Huish Park again and there’s a match day atmosphere.

Hope that: The Glovers will win the League in style.

The problem is, it’s the hope that kills you.


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