The Yeovil Town omnishambles remained in full-flow in the 0-4 loss to Luton on Saturday.

An early stonewall penalty, a clinical counter attack, a simple set piece and an edge of the box drive consigned Darren Way’s team to a dismal defeat in their fourth match in a row without scoring.

The standout performer in the match was Luton’s Danny Hylton. He put on the complete centre-forward performance with scullduggery and two well taken goals.

Yeovil were never in the game. The early penalty and counter attacked meant the game was over by half time, especially when the goals have dried up.

Strikers bear the brunt of the criticism but for me Yeovil have lacked a brain in midfield all season. Someone who can pick out the clinical pass that puts a striker in.

The Kevin Dawson experiment has failed. Darren Way has turned him into a sure-fire yellow card from a winger whose only goal was getting to the byline and delivering cross. Matty Dolan’s lofted passes towards the corner flag rarely produce anything of note. The defensive shield Alex Lawless finds the full-backs well but offers little going forward. Darren’s bond with Roberto Martinez gifted us a supreme talent in Liam Walsh last season and he was, it turns out, irreplaceable.

Darren’s recruitment has been poor (except for Ryan Hedges and Otis Khan). All of our key players have been signed by previous managers. Artur Krysiak, Dawson, Nathan Smith, Liam Shephard and Dolan were all originally signed by Gary Johnson. Ryan Dickson, Darren Ward and Francois Zoko were all signed by Paul Sturrock.

The cycle of bandaid managers from within the club needs to end – but who on Earth would find Yeovil Town Football Club an attractive job opportunity?

The cycle of the bad performances – low attendance – less money – poorer players – bad performances – low attendance – less money – poorer players will continue and continue until their is nothing left. Bigger clubs than Yeovil Town Football Club have disappeared.

There is no contingency. There was no “five year plan” as we were told during Darren’s re-unveiling. POOR planning results in this. The club is rudderless and it doesn’t even own its stadium. The haunting realisation is that the shady off-field dealings are worse than what’s happening on the pitch.

We need honest answers and a chairman who is questioned when he peddles falsehoods rather than local churnalism. I’ll lap up the clickbait if it results in a detailed piece of substantial investigative journalism that exposes the boardroom dealings for what it is. From here, Norman Hayward appears to have the club at gunpoint.


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