Why are Yeovil Town fans so frustrated?

Yeovil Town aren’t a fallen giant. They’re not a club that deserves to be higher up the football pyramid. They’re nothing special. They’re famous for killing giants in a monochrome non-league era.

The 0-3 loss against Blackpool on Saturday was an ideal opportunity for ‘non-league day’ jokes amongst a completely disinteresed fanbase. The fans at Huish Park are apathetic and lifeless after competing in the Championship just three seasons ago.

Two relegations and one near-miss, coupled with an increasingly strained relationship with the club executives have nullified the club’s mantra ‘Achieve By Unity’. The fans have never felt further away from the club and more and more are beginning to stay away.

The match day experience is the equivalent of sitting in a waiting room as you anticipate the bad news. Everyone is going through the motions. Every pre-match and half time is the same. The match day experience, which is adjudged to be worth (at its cheapest adult price) £18.

The stagnant atmosphere at Huish Park isn’t a representation of what’s happening on the pitch. Even when the result is positive the reaction is more of a “thank god that’s over” than anything else. It’s boredom. It’s getting to your spot on the terrace, or seat in the stands and the boring predictability of your afternoon.

Saturday’s performance hasn’t heightened the pressure on the manager. Darren Way is idolised and respected in amongst the fans and every time there’s a bad result, the vitriol is directed at John Fry, Norman Hayward and the directors who’ve turned the Green and White, grey.

Frustration at Huish Park has been caused, entirely, by the suits at the top of the club. Their tired ideas are outdated and the message from the top is always the same. The process of the development of the stadium has been a catalogue of errors that has been an embarrassment for the club. The relationship between the Council and the club is fractured, seemingly beyond repair.

In the eyes of the board, the entire future of Yeovil Town is hinged on the development of the stadium. They’ve invested so much into planning (on more than one occasion) that where development truly matters – the pitch – Yeovil Town are in undeniable danger of not having a future. The manager is working with the smallest possible squad. Budgets are so stretched that sausage rolls and soup are out of stock before kick off.

Football is supposed to be fun. At Huish Park the fun has completely dissipated.


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